[The image shows Dr. Rudi Mitchell, the last direct descendent of the last hereditary chief of the Omaha Tribe. He welcomed a group of visitors, including me, on the Omaha Reservation to learn more about the history and culture of the Omaha Nation (photograph by Joerg Boethling -]

I have been a consultant for health systems, faith-based groups, and community organizations and conducted cultural competency assessments, needs assessments, and program evaluations. I have the skills and expertise to conduct:

  • Qualitative assessments and evaluations: conducting interviews, focus groups, and systematic observations; analyzing the resulting texts using the Grounded Theory approach.
  • Quantitive assessments and evaluations: designing and administering surveys tailored to the needs of clients; analyzing the numerical data using statistics.
  • Mixed methods assessment and evaluations: using both qualitative and quantitive methods for data collection and analysis.

I consider Group Concept Mapping, and the Group Wisdom software, particularly useful for a wide range assessments. The Intercultural Development Inventory is an excellent tool to do cultural competency assessment and training.

Please contact me if you would like to develop an assessment or evaluation project.