New Publication - SVD Health Professionals: Participating in God's Mission to Heal

This volume, published in 2023 by the Generalate of the Society of the Divine Word (SVD), is a reflection on the SVD's participation in God's mission to heal. Following an introduction is a collection of thoughts and stories of some members of the SVD who are trained in a health- or healthcare-related profession or academic discipline. Following their reflections are a reflection by an SVD and two theological articles on the role of disability, health, healthcare, and caregiving in the mission of the Church and evangelization. Afterwards is a biographical sketch of the life and mission of Sr. Veronika Rackova, a medical doctor who was murdered as she provided care to a patient. A document of the World Council of Churches concludes the volume. You can download a copy by clicking HERE.

Collaborative Research on the Effectiveness of Mission Statements

mvvDr. Katie Clark (Augsburg University), Dr. Becky Davis (Creighton University), Dr. LeAnn Holmes (University of Nebraska Medical Center), Dr. Joyce Miller (Augsburg University), Dr. Margo Minnich (Creighton University), and I will work together from July 2022 to August 2023 on a mixed methods research project that explores the effectiveness of mission, vision, and value statements of our three universities and their doctoral programs in Nursing Practice in forming graduates whose value commitments and professional practice are aligned with these statements. We will collect data from students, faculty, and alumnae/i through interviews, focus groups, and sorting and rating.

Here is the abstract of the research proposal:

Book Publication

front coverTransforming Lives: Health Initiatives in Faith Communities has been published by Lexington Books. It is based on a casestudy with faith community nurses and health ministers in Omaha, Nebraska, and argues that they and their programs in faith communities have the potential to become significant partners with health systems and governments in providing health services to communities.